When  Darren Grant established The Organic Supermarket in Blackrock, Co Dublin back in 2008, he received initial bank support to get the business off the ground.  However, in 2010, Darren’s application for further financial assistance was rejected by his bank.

So he turned to us at the Credit Review Office, and within two weeks, the bank overturned its initial decision, following our recommendation.

Speaking about the experience, Darren says: “When the banks said no, the Credit Review Office did extensive and timely due diligence on my company and found strongly in favour of supporting my business.”

This saved eight jobs and allowed Darren to expand his business successfully. He now employ 26 people, and  following the opening of his third store, The Organic Supermarket is now the largest independent organic retail operation in the country.

“I cannot recommend the Credit Review Office enough as they bring equity to a seemingly unfair battle for viable businesses to obtain credit in Ireland,” he says.

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