Am I Eligible?

The Credit Review Office review process covers decisions of participating banks to refuse formal applications on all forms of credit extended by banks, excluding credit card debt. Our mandate includes (but is not limited to) term loans or overdrafts, finance and leasing, and invoice discounting.

You can apply for a credit review if:

Your business is an SME, including sole trader or small to medium-sized farm.

An SME is defined by the EU as a business with less than 250 employees; turnover of less than €50m and/or a balance-sheet value of less than €43m.

Your application for credit was with one of the participating banks.

The banks we cover are Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, PTSB and Ulster Bank.

The application was for credit facilities from €1,000 up to €3m.

The process applies to individual declined applications for credit up to €3m, so applications are not excluded from borrowers who have other credit facilities that, when aggregated, are above this upper limit.

The credit facility was refused, and you have exhausted the bank’s internal appeals process.

You must apply within 28 days of the bank’s internal appeal decision to decline or reduce facilities.

Constructive Refusal

When a decision on an application for review is not given by the participating bank within 15 working days, this shall be regarded as constructive refusal, and the borrower may appeal to the Credit Review Office.

Likewise, where the borrower considers that the terms or conditions attached to a credit facility or its price are so onerous as to amount to a constructive refusal, the borrower is entitled to apply for a review.

What Next?

If your loan application has not already been be put through your bank’s own formal internal appeals process, we will arrange for this when you make initial contact with us. This internal appeal may result in your required credit facilities being made available. However, if that does not happen, our review process can commence.

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