Review Process


How Does the Review Work?

The Credit Review Office’s role is to provide an independent, impartial opinion on the credit decision.

Our view will be based  on the viability of your business/farm and its ability to generate sufficient cash to repay the debt.

Is the Process Confidential?

Yes. Your application will be treated with the strictest confidence.

How Long Does the Review Take?

The time taken to complete the review will be influenced by factors such as the complexity of case, whether an internal appeal has already been completed and the availability of all necessary information.  A four-to-six-week turnaround between our office receiving the application, the bank responding and the Credit Review Office issuing an opinion would be typical. You can contribute to the processing speed by ensuring that your application and consent form have been fully completed before submission.  For further information, see our FAQs.

What Happens if the Bank’s Refusal is Upheld?

In some cases, we may form the opinion that even with the proposed lending, the business would not generate sufficient cash to repay the loan. In these instances, we do not recommend additional credit, as the additional repayments would further drag the business down.

Even in cases where we cannot support the appeal, we always seek to help the borrower, so the opinion will try to suggest some form of remedy or alternative way forward.  For further information, see our useful links.

Who Will Carry Out the Review?


The review will be carried out by one of our credit review panellists, all of whom have significant front-line SME or farm credit experience. In addition, an accountant with commercial evaluation skills from the public sector will join all assessment committees. Care will be taken to ensure that the credit reviewers have no previous connection with either you or your bank.

Where our review upholds the banks original refusal decision, the opinion will be reassessed by a member of a panel of non-bankers, made up of experienced professionals familiar with SME and farm businesses.

What Issues are Considered?

The issues that may be considered as part of our independent review include the promoter’s experience and capability; whether the market being addressed is growing or declining; past business performance (historic profit/cash flow); future potential (projected profit/cash flow); the sales pipeline; steps taken to improve your business situation; performance against projections to date; the situation regarding aged debtors and creditors; and the promoter’s assets and liabilities.

However, this is not a definitive list. The issues considered will be determined by the individual case.

What is the Outcome of the Review? The output of our independent review will be in the form of an opinion. This will typically run to five to six pages with recommendations for both you (the borrower) and the bank.

If the appeal has been successful, the opinion will also include an outline of Agreed Next Actions from the bank. This will list out the next steps and conditions required to ensure that your business gets credit.

Since inception, the Credit Review Office has supported more than 50% (one in every two) of applicants, and to date the relevant banks have agreed to provide credit for over 90% of cases supported.

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