18 Nov 2022

Credit Implications of Moving Bank

At this point almost everyone is aware of the exit of Ulster Bank and KBC from the Irish market. But are businesses aware of the implications? asks Catherine Collins, Head of...

13 Oct 2022

Did you know CREDIT REVIEW monitors credit and banking conditions for SMEs in the Irish market?

The role of Credit Review is to ensure that viable borrowers have access to credit for business purposes. It provides an appeals mechanism for borrowers who have had their credit...

28 Sep 2022

Ensuring viable SMEs get access to bank credit

MAKING A SUCCESSFUL CREDIT APPLICATION POST COVID. To improve your chances of making a successful credit application, you need to present your case well to your bank, so that...

30 Aug 2022


SUCCESSFUL APPLICATIONS FOR CREDIT CAN DEPEND ON A GOOD CREDIT HISTORY, advises Catherine Collins, Head of Credit Review, which provides an independent review process for SME's...

3 Aug 2022


ARE YOU AWARE OF WHAT NON-PERFORMING MEANS, OR THAT YOUR BUSINESS LOAN(S) COULD BE AFFECTED? After the economic shock of Covid, many businesses are facing a difficult period...

7 Jul 2022

Giving Small Firms Credit Tips

As business returns to normal trading post Covid, challenges remain to ensure SMEs are accessing the proper funding to expand.  Some tips for potential borrowers are set out...

24 Jun 2022

Finance for SMEs

Accessing Finance for SMEs Credit Review ensures that viable small and medium-sized enterprises have access to finance in order to grow and develop. At Credit Review, we...

16 Jun 2022

Credit where it’s due

Credit Review outlines the current challenges for Irish businesses seeking bank credit – and provides a helpline and appeals process for those facing such challenges. Credit...

7 Jun 2022

New Credit Review Panel Sought – An Invitation to Tender

Credit Review is seeking Reviewers to carry out appeals/reviews from SME and farm applicants refused credit amounts of up to €3m. An Invitation to Tender for Credit Review...

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