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The Credit Review Office is here to help SME or Farm borrowers who have had an application for credit of up to €3m declined or reduced, and who feel that they have a viable business proposition.

We will also look at cases where borrowers feel that the terms and conditions of their existing loan, or a new loan offer, are unfairly onerous or have been unreasonably changed to their detriment.

This is a strictly confidential process between your business, the Credit Review Office and your bank. The Credit Review Office has tried to make this as process as simple as possible.

On reviewing your application, the Credit Review Office will provide the bank with an opinion on whether it agrees with the lending decision or not. The bank then responds to this opinion and confirms next steps in response to the recommendations set out by the Credit Review Office. In practice where the Credit Review Office has suggested the lending should be made, to date the banks have respected our opinion and complied. Where the Credit Review Office has upheld the banks’ decision not to lend, the opinion will always seek to provide alternatives and guidance to the borrower to help the business move forward.

On this website you will find information about the Credit Review Office and the review process. If you would like further information, please call us on 1850 211 789 or send us an email at info@creditreview.ie.

Eligibility Information
SMEs, sole traders and farm enterprises are eligible to apply to the Credit Review Office for a review of decisions by participating banks to refuse or reduce credit facilities (including applications for restructured credit facilities) up to €3,000,000.                                                   
Review Process
All borrowers have the right to appeal an unsuccessful credit application through each banks internal loan appeals process and this is the first step you should take. If you have not already done so we will arrange for your loan application to be put through your bank’s own formal internal appeals process.
Once you have reviewed the information on this website and checked that you are eligible, you can begin the review process by downloading the application form.