Could my Business Debt be sold to a Non-Bank Entity in a loan sale?

14th December 2023 | News

To sustain and grow their business SME’s and farmers need continued access to credit finance and a day-to-day banking partner. Ability to repay debt can be impacted by volatile economic and geopolitical events, including war, energy price shocks, high inflation and rising interest rates. As a result, some businesses will be deemed unlikely to meet their future repayments and may have their loans classified as non-performing – even though repayments have been kept up to date.

Banks for their part need stable loan books so they can continue to lend and will want low levels of Non-Performing Loans (NPL’s) or exposures (NPE’s). They can work with borrowers facing difficulty to restructure their loans to get back to Performing status, or they can bundle loans together to sell to a Non-Bank Entity in a Loan Sale.

If you think your credit facilities may form part of a Loan Sale, or that your credit may be viewed as Non-Performing by your bank, make sure you are well-informed about the options available to you. Credit Review has prepared 2 short information notes available on, called Non-performing loans – what every business needs to know and Has Your Bank Sold Your Loan.

Items covered include:

  • How did I become a Non-Performing Loan (NPL)?
  • Impact of NPL status on future loan applications
  • Can the new loan owner demand full repayment immediately?
  • How do I return to a normal banking relationship?

Getting Help from Credit Review
Credit Review can help businesses that have been refused loans, had credit facilities reduced or need to restructure credit facilities.
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